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I Had a Serious Accident

The guy that hit me was drunk of course. I had a bunch of extra stuff to do at work that day, so I dragged my butt out of the bed really early, around six in the morning. I did not waste any time and I was almost at the shop about ten minutes after that when the other guy hit me. I did not really have a good recollection of what happened right after that. I woke up as they were pulling me out of the car, my face was all messed up. This website is the skin doctor who tried to clean things up after I got done with the initial operations. Continue reading

A Painful Back Injury from a Bike Ride

I was really excited about going bike riding with some friends. It was a new hobby we had taken up, and we were finally going to take our first 20 mile ride together. After performing all the safety checks and making sure we had all the gear we needed, we were off. I wish I could say that the ride was fantastic, but I didn’t even last for a mile. I hit a pretty large hole on the trail and went sailing off my bike. I just knew that I was going to have to see a Turlock chiropractor after getting up because I was in so much pain.

My friends all wanted to stop the ride, but I insisted that they go on without me. My husband was one of the riders, and he assured everyone he would get me home safely. I was disappointed, but pain was mostly what I felt. My husband contacted the chiropractor that his sister uses, and we were able to go right to his office. When I got out of the car, I was in even more pain. Continue reading

My San Diego Chiropractor Keeps My Back from Getting Like My Dad’s Back

If you say your back hurts, that can be anything from an annoying catch when you bend to the most extreme daily pain you can imagine. It can go from a tolerable constant ache to a searing one that makes it so you cannot even move in seconds. When I was young, I could not understand how my dad could be raking leaves one minute and then on the couch barely able to move for a couple of days. Then, as I got older, I inherited the family back problems, but I choose to see my San Diego chiropractor to keep it from getting me down. Continue reading

Always Thankful for Skilled Professionals

Without the help of one of the best San Francisco chiropractors in the business, I would still be confined to my bed, relying on my family to feed me and change my clothes. It all started one day when I was doing some work on a project. My wife was inside reading a book, and the kids were upstairs playing video games. I slipped and fell on the grass, which caused me to let out a loud scream. My wife and kids heard the scream and came running outside to see what was wrong. They had to help me up because I couldn’t get up on my own.

My wife wanted to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital, but I told her not to because it would be too expensive, and after a while I would probably heal from my injuries. Continue reading

Having a Bad Back I Can Sympathize with Others Who Have Unrelenting Back Pain

My medical doctor told me that he has patients with backs that are in better shape than mine who are on disability and can barely get around. I have pain, but not so bad that I need to quit my job. I credit seeing a chiropractor in Mesa AZ with keeping my bad back working for me all these years. The chiropractor works with my doctor because of the condition of my back. The treatments I receive each month are covered under my insurance because they are keeping me from surgery. I got an authorization from them to continue chiropractic care beyond the normal limits.

I am still working, and I even go golfing without a cart. I have days where I want to just sit there and let the pain subside, but they are not that often. My back seems to get worse when the weather turns ugly. If rain is coming, then I feel it. I guess that is why I like living in desert country. Continue reading

Hurt My Back Because of These Idiots

Of course stuff like this is going to happen when you hang around people who are drinking and in this case I had drank a couple of beers myself. I do not suspect that there is very much chance that these people got that drunk paying for beer at the Palladium, they probably smuggled in flasks of liquor. I used to carry in a bottle of peppermint schnapps when I was younger and so I could not be too high horsed about it. At any rate I just started looking for a chiropractor in Philadelphia PA and I guess that is really the only thing that I can do to fix the problems in my back. Continue reading

Mom Fell Down at the Store

My mom fell down at the store not long ago. It was no one’s fault as she just lost her balance. I took her to the emergency room because she said she was in pain, but they did not find any broken bones or other injuries. They wrote her a prescription for a mild pain medication and advised her to follow up with her primary care physician. While she abhors taking pills of any kind, she did have to make an exception this time. Her PCP ended up referring her to a chiropractor in Redding because of where she was complaining of the pain.

That is the reason we both go to him. He takes a holistic approach to healing, and he would much rather send us to another professional than write a prescription for medication. That is just covering up the problem, and he wants to take care of the root of the problem. He uses the same chiropractor that he referred Mom too, which made us feel even better about going to another medical professional who we knew nothing about. We were able to get an appointment for the following morning. Continue reading

I Just Got Back from Court

It was not much fun for me, because I was in a pretty bad position if I had to take the stand. This friend of mine from work got hurt on the job about three months ago, personally I would say that the company was at fault to some extent and he was at fault for not having better sense. At any rate the insurance company and his Sacramento personal injury lawyer were doing this dance the entire time while I was sitting there. It did not take too much education to figure out what was going on, but there was not very much I could do about it. Continue reading

Finding the Right Chiropractor in Bakersfield

Do you suffer from back pain? Do you suffer from pain anywhere else in your body? Do you feel weakness or like your body is not working in the most efficient way possible? If you feel like any of these situations describe you, then you may need to consider reaping the benefits of a professional chiropractor near you. If you live in Bakersfield, then you need to do research on a Bakersfield chiropractor. You should not just go to any chiropractor, though. You need to make sure the one you choose has very good reviews. There are a lot of options available to you, so do not settle for the chiropractor you drive by every day. While you are researching, be certain that the information you are reading is not biased and is not written by fake reviewers. This may be difficult, but the more research you do the better your result will be. Another thing to consider about your potential chiropractor is you need to be sure they are looking out for the best interest of you. Continue reading

I Hurt Myself Putting Up Christmas Decorations

I was in a good amount of pain that just did not seem to want to disappear. I tried a few different things on my own, figuring I had just overdone it in trying to put up all the Christmas decorations myself. When the pain did not go away though, I knew that I had to do something because I did not want to keep taking over the counter pain medication, especially when it just did not seem to be working for me. I went online to see if I could find a Fort Myers chiropractor that would be able to see me sooner rather than later.

Thankfully, the one that I looked at first was able to see me that same day. That is not the only reason I went to them, because I did look over their entire website. Continue reading