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A Chiropractor Helped Me with My Headaches

I used to get really bad headaches. I would just dismiss them as part of growing older, even though not many others really told me they had the same thing going on. The reason this didn’t stump me is because I didn’t go around telling people about mine either, so I thought that others probably were having some issues with headaches as well. It was not until I went to a Sacramento chiropractic clinic after being in a car accident that I learned that headaches are not a common thing at all, at least not at the frequency that I was experiencing them.

First off, the chiropractor that I went to was really great about explaining everything he was doing. I had never been to one, so everything was really confusing to me. Continue reading

A New Dentist Was Easy to Find

I had been going to the same dentist for a long time. While we were not exactly chummy, I did trust him to help me keep good care of my teeth. When he decided to semi retire, he brought in a younger dentist, and I just did not care for him. His entire manner was too abrupt for me, but it was almost impossible to see my former dentist since he was taking a lot of time off from the office. I knew that I had to look for a new dentist in Fremont because I was just not willing to see a dentist that I was not comfortable with. Continue reading

I Was Tired and Hurting

I had not been feeling well for a couple of weeks when my husband told me I had to see someone about it. He was worried about me because I was tired, sluggish, and I was in some pain. He knew that the pain was mostly in my back, and he suspected that it was the reason I was not sleeping well. Because of that, he thought it might be best for me to see a Cumming chiropractor rather than our regular doctor. I had no problem with this because it did make sense to see a chiropractor rather than a primary care physician since the main pain issues did involve my back. Continue reading

I Can Bend Without Pain Now

When I was first referred to a Phoenix chiropractor, I did not make an appointment right away. I had never been to this type of doctor before, and I wanted to find out exactly what kind of education a chiropractor needs to have first followed by the techniques that they might follow. I was in a lot of pain, and most of it was centered in my lower back, so I knew that the suggestion was a valid one. However, finding everything out that I could about the one I was going to see was also crucial, at least to me.

I read the entire website for the chiropractor, and I was really surprised at just how many different services they offer. While I was going because of my lower back pain, I found out that chiropractors can help people who have aches and pains just about anywhere. They help treat people with all kinds of illnesses and diseases as well as people who have been involved in some type of accident or injury. Continue reading

Thirty-Seven Years on the Job Has Taken Its Toll on My Back

I have lived here in San Francisco my whole life. If you have ever seen it in person or on TV, you know we have some hilly areas. That is an understatement actually. You probably have heard the old joke about older people saying how they had to walk to school up hill both ways. Well, it must have started here in San Francisco. I would jog these hills in my 20s, and now I do not even like walking them. My back has taken a pounding on the job. I see a San Francisco chiropractor so that I can make it another five years until retirement. Without the regular adjustments, I would not be able to keep working.

I have had doctors recommend surgery. However, they only give me a small percentage of a likelihood that it would make any positive difference. The risks actually outweigh the risks of failure for me. They just offer it because of the pain level it gets to at times. When I have to run at full speed and wrestle a perpetrator to the ground, I feel it for days. Continue reading

Seeing a Chiropractor Gave Me the Support and Help That Someone Like Me Needed

The Pleasanton chiropractor I began seeing for help last month is very kind and supportive. I did not feel that way when I went to the doctor for back troubles. My doctor made me feel really bad about how much pain I was in. He blamed me, and I knew that I was at fault for not taking care of myself. But no one wants to feel like a fool in front of everyone else. And that is the way I felt. He told me that I was headed toward needing surgery if I didn’t start doing something. I didn’t want to have to pay for or deal with going through surgery, so I thought I would see a chiropractor as a last resort. Continue reading

Sacramento Chiropractic Clinic Helped Me Land My Dream Job

While not an overly large person, I felt as if I were seven feet tall when crammed in the coach section on my flight from Chicago to Sacramento. I was only thankful that I was so nervous about my job interview that I flew into the city a couple of days prior to my interview appointment. I had plenty of time to find a Sacramento chiropractic clinic to help me walk fully upright again after spending the last six hours folded up like an accordion.

I was looking for a change in my life and climate when I began sending out my newly updated resume. Chicago winters can be brutal and I was tired of battling the cold and snow for almost half of every year. I had taken some programming classes and felt I was very qualified for the job, but my back had me thinking I was too old to be starting my life over again. I was nervous enough competing for jobs with much younger candidates and I certainly didn’t need to be stooped over like a little old lady when I showed up for my interview because of my now incredibly painful back. Continue reading

My Son Was Hit Hard on the Field

I did not know anything about Vancouver chiropractors but I knew that I had to find one as quickly as possible. Well, it was probably not that urgent, but my son was playing football and got hit pretty hard. They wanted to take him to the hospital to be examined, but he said he was okay. I am not sure if he really was or if he just wanted to appear tough in front of the other players. What I do know is that by the next day, he was in a lot more pain, and I wanted to get him to a chiropractor since he was complaining about the pain mostly being in his back.

I was going to take him to the emergency room if his regular doctor could not see him, but then our neighbor told us we would have better luck with a chiropractor. He explained that a chiropractor is a trained medical professional who will run a gamut of tests on my son to find out exactly what the problem was. It is not simply a person who feels a patient’s back and neck, and then gives a quick adjustment. Continue reading

My Back Started Hurting Again

I was reading about spinal adjustments because I was experiencing a lot of pain in my back. I wanted to find out if there was something that I could do for myself at home before I saw a professional about it. I was intrigued as I continued to read how just a simple adjustment to the spine can relieve a person of a lot of pain. I knew that I could not do this to myself, nor did I want to try. I looked online to find a Campbell chiropractor, since I knew that they had trained for years to treat people like me.

I had never used one before, so I was a bit nervous as well. Continue reading

Building Some Muscle Mass and Range of Motion to Help My Back

I play volleyball down at the beach with the kids and their friends. I used to be a coach, so they like the pointers on playing a better game. I used to be very competitive, and now I cannot play at the level I did when I was 25. After what we called our championship games, were we played some other local beach goers, I needed to pay a visit to my chiropractor in Santa Rosa. I should have known I could not keep diving to hit the ball. I helped win the games, but I also have a responsibility to get to my day job without being in so much pain I can barely move.

The chiropractor asked me how old I was. Continue reading