Knocked Out Tooth? Know What To Do In A Dental Emergency

It may seem as if dental emergencies come at the most inopportune times. A child’s accident on the baseball field or a bicycle crash while learning to ride a bike are all seemingly simple accidents, but they often cause damage or injury to a tooth or teeth. It’s especially distressing when the injury happens in the evening or over the weekend when the dental office is closed. Fortunately, at times like this, the patients of Paul Corcoran DDS know just what to do. His emergency telephone number ensures that those in need can get the dental care necessary, immediately instead of waiting until the next business day when the office opens again. Immediate dental care for a knocked out tooth can mean the difference between a positive outcome or a tooth lost forever.

When a tooth is knocked out, the first emotion is usually panic. If a child’s tooth is knocked out, there is usually panic for both the child and the parent, though it’s important to stay as calm as possible at this time. Fortunately, with prompt treatment, a knocked out tooth can be re-implanted into the socket, allowing the patient to keep their own tooth instead of resorting to an artificial one. Locating the tooth is the first step if it has been totally knocked out of the mouth. Once located, it’s advised to carefully brush any dirt or debris off the tooth without any harsh rubbing or scrubbing. Once the tooth is free of any debris, it should be placed back into the socket in the patient’s mouth. This helps to keep the tooth moist and allows for the greatest chance of reinserting the tooth permanently back into the mouth. If the tooth belongs to a young child, it may be possible for the parent to hold the tooth in their own mouth to preserve it, while keeping the child safe. If holding the tooth in the mouth isn’t possible, putting the tooth in milk is acceptable, if necessary.

Prompt dental treatment, usually within an hour, is recommended to successfully reset a tooth into the patient’s mouth. By establishing with a dentist that offers emergency contact information for situations such as this, the patient has a greater chance of a positive outcome in saving their tooth. When in doubt, always call for assistance.