Building Some Muscle Mass and Range of Motion to Help My Back

I play volleyball down at the beach with the kids and their friends. I used to be a coach, so they like the pointers on playing a better game. I used to be very competitive, and now I cannot play at the level I did when I was 25. After what we called our championship games, were we played some other local beach goers, I needed to pay a visit to my chiropractor in Santa Rosa. I should have known I could not keep diving to hit the ball. I helped win the games, but I also have a responsibility to get to my day job without being in so much pain I can barely move.

The chiropractor asked me how old I was. I told him that he asked me that before and he already knew. Then I realized it was a comment to advise me to be a little more careful. I had to agree because this was the fourth time I had been to him in a year because of me doing something stupid. However, in my defense, I do not feel as old as my chronological age. Well, at least in my mind anyway. It is just that I cannot get my body to agree with me. It fights tooth and nail at times to prove to me that I am twice 25.

I am still in good shape, but not my prime shape I was in back then. I have no plans on backing off from doing the dumb things that cause me to get to my chiropractor a few times a year. I am, however, going to follow the workout routine the chiropractor suggested to build some muscle mass and range of motion. I had been a little lackadaisical lately on my regular exercise routine.