My Back Started Hurting Again

I was reading about spinal adjustments because I was experiencing a lot of pain in my back. I wanted to find out if there was something that I could do for myself at home before I saw a professional about it. I was intrigued as I continued to read how just a simple adjustment to the spine can relieve a person of a lot of pain. I knew that I could not do this to myself, nor did I want to try. I looked online to find a Campbell chiropractor, since I knew that they had trained for years to treat people like me.

I had never used one before, so I was a bit nervous as well. I think that really showed when I went to the appointment because they explained everything in exact detail to me. I felt very comfortable even before the examination because of this. That really made all the difference, them explaining things to me like that. I told them how I had injured my back at work years ago, and that the pain had started flaring up again recently. I had no explanation for why this happened because I had not injured it again in any way that I knew of.

They were able to show me on a model in the office just what was happening as an adjustment occurred, so I was not surprised by anything when it happened. I wish I could say that I was fine after that one visit, but they are not magicians. They had to do several adjustments on me, plus I had massage therapy as well. I feel a lot better now, and I go in at least once a month to have an adjustment done. I now know just how important those are, especially as I am getting older now.