My Son Was Hit Hard on the Field

I did not know anything about Vancouver chiropractors but I knew that I had to find one as quickly as possible. Well, it was probably not that urgent, but my son was playing football and got hit pretty hard. They wanted to take him to the hospital to be examined, but he said he was okay. I am not sure if he really was or if he just wanted to appear tough in front of the other players. What I do know is that by the next day, he was in a lot more pain, and I wanted to get him to a chiropractor since he was complaining about the pain mostly being in his back.

I was going to take him to the emergency room if his regular doctor could not see him, but then our neighbor told us we would have better luck with a chiropractor. He explained that a chiropractor is a trained medical professional who will run a gamut of tests on my son to find out exactly what the problem was. It is not simply a person who feels a patient’s back and neck, and then gives a quick adjustment. While that could be all that is needed, they are prepared to do a lot more than just that too.

I was able to get him into a reputable chiropractor who had actually been at the game. He had seen the hit that my son took, and for some reason, that made me feel better. He saw what had happened, so he knew exactly what to look for. He did some imaging tests, and afterwards, he gave us the good news that my son was going to be recover quickly. He did go for therapy three times a week, and he had adjustments done too on a regular basis. He had to sit out a few games as well, but everyone was very understanding about it!