Sacramento Chiropractic Clinic Helped Me Land My Dream Job

While not an overly large person, I felt as if I were seven feet tall when crammed in the coach section on my flight from Chicago to Sacramento. I was only thankful that I was so nervous about my job interview that I flew into the city a couple of days prior to my interview appointment. I had plenty of time to find a Sacramento chiropractic clinic to help me walk fully upright again after spending the last six hours folded up like an accordion.

I was looking for a change in my life and climate when I began sending out my newly updated resume. Chicago winters can be brutal and I was tired of battling the cold and snow for almost half of every year. I had taken some programming classes and felt I was very qualified for the job, but my back had me thinking I was too old to be starting my life over again. I was nervous enough competing for jobs with much younger candidates and I certainly didn’t need to be stooped over like a little old lady when I showed up for my interview because of my now incredibly painful back. So painful that even my cab driver noticed my intense discomfort and had to help me get in and out of his taxi.

Once at my hotel, I tried taking a hot shower to see if that would help, but not even the scalding hot water was providing any relief. I pulled out my phone and found a highly recommended chiropractor who could see me that afternoon. I was thrilled since I really wanted to explore the area and didn’t want to waste the couple of days I had trying to nurse a bad back into good enough shape for my interview.

With the doctor’s help, I was feeling fine, was able to enjoy a little sight seeing, nailed my interview with plenty of confidence and appreciated the advice I received to survive my next cross-country plane trip without issue.