Seeing a Chiropractor Gave Me the Support and Help That Someone Like Me Needed

The Pleasanton chiropractor I began seeing for help last month is very kind and supportive. I did not feel that way when I went to the doctor for back troubles. My doctor made me feel really bad about how much pain I was in. He blamed me, and I knew that I was at fault for not taking care of myself. But no one wants to feel like a fool in front of everyone else. And that is the way I felt. He told me that I was headed toward needing surgery if I didn’t start doing something. I didn’t want to have to pay for or deal with going through surgery, so I thought I would see a chiropractor as a last resort. That should have been my first choice.

I left the doctor’s office feeling sorry for myself and very embarrassed. But when I went to meet the chiropractor, he made me feel there was hope. He didn’t put me down for gaining so much weight and never working out. He was kind and pointed out that there was still time to try to undo the damage me being overweight had done to my body. He recommended a good book that helps people learn about nutrition in basic terms. I ended up buying the book that he recommended because I was clueless about where to start without some help.

I go back two times per month to the chiropractor. I have lost about 100 pounds. It has been about one year since my first visit with him. I feel so good. I know so much more about the right foods to eat. I feel like myself again. I have even started running, and I am training to be in a half marathon this summer. I won’t need surgery at all now.