Thirty-Seven Years on the Job Has Taken Its Toll on My Back

I have lived here in San Francisco my whole life. If you have ever seen it in person or on TV, you know we have some hilly areas. That is an understatement actually. You probably have heard the old joke about older people saying how they had to walk to school up hill both ways. Well, it must have started here in San Francisco. I would jog these hills in my 20s, and now I do not even like walking them. My back has taken a pounding on the job. I see a San Francisco chiropractor so that I can make it another five years until retirement. Without the regular adjustments, I would not be able to keep working.

I have had doctors recommend surgery. However, they only give me a small percentage of a likelihood that it would make any positive difference. The risks actually outweigh the risks of failure for me. They just offer it because of the pain level it gets to at times. When I have to run at full speed and wrestle a perpetrator to the ground, I feel it for days. I still have a lot of the muscle I used to have, but it is not all there like it was 37 years ago. I am happy that those chase incidents and wrestling opportunities are much more far in between now.

I go in the same day after an incident where I have to put my back into full action. I work out three times per week. It used to be five, but my back cannot take it like it used to. It got a lot worse when I put on 20 pounds after I got promoted. I dropped that weight over the summer and feel a lot better. The San Francisco chiropractor I see recommended an exercise regimen for my back that is helping a lot.