I Was Tired and Hurting

I had not been feeling well for a couple of weeks when my husband told me I had to see someone about it. He was worried about me because I was tired, sluggish, and I was in some pain. He knew that the pain was mostly in my back, and he suspected that it was the reason I was not sleeping well. Because of that, he thought it might be best for me to see a Cumming chiropractor rather than our regular doctor. I had no problem with this because it did make sense to see a chiropractor rather than a primary care physician since the main pain issues did involve my back.

I thought that was mainly what a chiropractor treated, but I learned that a chiropractor can treat just about any area of the body that is in pain as well as a lot of diseases that a person may have. I had to undergo a bit of testing which was very simple. I also had to go through a quick exam which focused on the area of my back that was hurting the most. When he got the X-rays back, my chiropractor showed me why I was experiencing the pain in my back.

I could see that my spine was not straight once he showed me, and I agreed to his treatment plan which involved getting adjustments every few days for several weeks. He attributed my tiredness from not getting the proper sleep because of the back issues I was having, and I have been sleeping a whole lot better since I have started getting the adjustments. Even though I am no longer in pain, I am going to continue to get adjustments at least once a month or so because it makes such a difference in how I feel even when I don’t have any pain!