A Chiropractor Helped Me with My Headaches

I used to get really bad headaches. I would just dismiss them as part of growing older, even though not many others really told me they had the same thing going on. The reason this didn’t stump me is because I didn’t go around telling people about mine either, so I thought that others probably were having some issues with headaches as well. It was not until I went to a Sacramento chiropractic clinic after being in a car accident that I learned that headaches are not a common thing at all, at least not at the frequency that I was experiencing them.

First off, the chiropractor that I went to was really great about explaining everything he was doing. I had never been to one, so everything was really confusing to me. He helped me with the back pain I had from the auto accident first, then we addressed the headaches that I was having. When I told him that I have several headaches a week, he told me that is absolutely not normal. He said the average amount of headaches per person is generally three to four a year, if that.

He explained to me why the over the counter pain pills I was using was not working any longer, and then he explained to me what would help me. I was amazed at how much better I started feeling not only from the work he did on my back because of the car accident but with the lesser frequency of headaches that I experienced after he started doing different types of treatments on me, mainly adjustments though. It is so amazing to go for months upon months now without having a headache. Actually, I think the last headache I had was well over six months ago. That is chiropractic success, in my book!