I Just Got Back from Court

It was not much fun for me, because I was in a pretty bad position if I had to take the stand. This friend of mine from work got hurt on the job about three months ago, personally I would say that the company was at fault to some extent and he was at fault for not having better sense. At any rate the insurance company and his Sacramento personal injury lawyer were doing this dance the entire time while I was sitting there. It did not take too much education to figure out what was going on, but there was not very much I could do about it. The boss showed up and he talked to me without saying anything about the case. In fact we talked about sports, but it was pretty clear that he expected me to follow the company line if I had to get up there and testify.

I really would not expect a judge and jury to understand what happened, not unless you had a real demonstration for them. The problem was that the floor was wet, which it should not have been. However the guy who slipped on it is also the guy who was supposed to get rid of the slick place. That was in his area and when there is a spill, there is a good chance that he is the one who did the spilling. Either way he is definitely the one who is supposed to clean it up. Of course the company never makes you do that, because if you stop your job, then that stops everything else up and down the line. It is like an engine. The camshaft can not take a break from it’s job unless all of the other parts in the engine take a break too.