Mom Fell Down at the Store

My mom fell down at the store not long ago. It was no one’s fault as she just lost her balance. I took her to the emergency room because she said she was in pain, but they did not find any broken bones or other injuries. They wrote her a prescription for a mild pain medication and advised her to follow up with her primary care physician. While she abhors taking pills of any kind, she did have to make an exception this time. Her PCP ended up referring her to a chiropractor in Redding because of where she was complaining of the pain.

That is the reason we both go to him. He takes a holistic approach to healing, and he would much rather send us to another professional than write a prescription for medication. That is just covering up the problem, and he wants to take care of the root of the problem. He uses the same chiropractor that he referred Mom too, which made us feel even better about going to another medical professional who we knew nothing about. We were able to get an appointment for the following morning.

When we went in, we discovered that our doctor had already talked with the chiropractor about Mom. He had her family medical info, so he was able to get started right away on the physical exam. He had Mom do as much as she could, which was very limiting. She was worried that he would not be able to help her, but he was able to devise a treatment plan that she was able to do. He did his first manipulation on her back that morning, and she went back a few more times in the next couple of weeks. We learned so much about why adjustments are important that we are both going to have them done now that Mom is completely healed again.