Hurt My Back Because of These Idiots

Of course stuff like this is going to happen when you hang around people who are drinking and in this case I had drank a couple of beers myself. I do not suspect that there is very much chance that these people got that drunk paying for beer at the Palladium, they probably smuggled in flasks of liquor. I used to carry in a bottle of peppermint schnapps when I was younger and so I could not be too high horsed about it. At any rate I just started looking for a chiropractor in Philadelphia PA and I guess that is really the only thing that I can do to fix the problems in my back. If you go to a doctor they are probably going to do a lot of things to charge you money, but the chances of them actually helping you are very low. At the most they will give you a prescription for pain pills, which are only going to mask the problem without doing a thing to solve it.

I was having a great time and it was a really great game, me and this girl I met a couple of weeks ago went out for dinner and a ball game. I was really thinking that I had struck gold, finding a great girl who liked sports. At least she loved Temple basketball. At any rate we ended up in the middle of two groups of idiots, I think that some of them were frat boys and they had been drinking. That usually goes without saying. This really fat guy started the fight, and the first thing that he did was to fall on top of me. The guy he was fighting jumped on him. It would have been comical if you had had a different view of it, but not from where I was at.