Having a Bad Back I Can Sympathize with Others Who Have Unrelenting Back Pain

My medical doctor told me that he has patients with backs that are in better shape than mine who are on disability and can barely get around. I have pain, but not so bad that I need to quit my job. I credit seeing a chiropractor in Mesa AZ with keeping my bad back working for me all these years. The chiropractor works with my doctor because of the condition of my back. The treatments I receive each month are covered under my insurance because they are keeping me from surgery. I got an authorization from them to continue chiropractic care beyond the normal limits.

I am still working, and I even go golfing without a cart. I have days where I want to just sit there and let the pain subside, but they are not that often. My back seems to get worse when the weather turns ugly. If rain is coming, then I feel it. I guess that is why I like living in desert country. We do not get the rain out here in Mesa, Arizona that I was used to when we lived in the northeast. Not having those rain fronts coming in all the time has, in my opinion, improved how my back and other joints in my body feel on a daily basis.

I never had a thought of going on disability. I mean, I would take advantage of the benefit as an insurance if it ever became necessary. However, right now I was able to work even though I had a really bad back. Not everyone is the same though. I can understand back pain, and I would not speak against anyone who is suffering from it. In fact, I can be even more sympathetic to their pain. When I see someone with an aching back, I give them one of the business cards for the chiropractor I go and see.