Always Thankful for Skilled Professionals

Without the help of one of the best San Francisco chiropractors in the business, I would still be confined to my bed, relying on my family to feed me and change my clothes. It all started one day when I was doing some work on a project. My wife was inside reading a book, and the kids were upstairs playing video games. I slipped and fell on the grass, which caused me to let out a loud scream. My wife and kids heard the scream and came running outside to see what was wrong. They had to help me up because I couldn’t get up on my own.

My wife wanted to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital, but I told her not to because it would be too expensive, and after a while I would probably heal from my injuries. For the rest of the day, I laid in the bed, with my wife and kids helping me get out of my clothes and into my pajamas. By the next day, I wasn’t feeling any better. My back was hurting badly and I could barely make it to the bathroom without wincing in pain. Every little movement felt like a lifetime of agony. I told my wife to look online for a good chiropractor that would be able to treat me.

My wife made an appointment with a highly rated chiropractor and he examined me. He found that I had some bruising in my back muscles and there was a little fracturing in some of the bones, but nothing was really broken. All I had to do was rest for a while and make sure not to get any other injuries. The chiropractor prescribed me something for the pain, which was a big help. The pain reduced as my back healed and eventually I was back to normal.