My San Diego Chiropractor Keeps My Back from Getting Like My Dad’s Back

If you say your back hurts, that can be anything from an annoying catch when you bend to the most extreme daily pain you can imagine. It can go from a tolerable constant ache to a searing one that makes it so you cannot even move in seconds. When I was young, I could not understand how my dad could be raking leaves one minute and then on the couch barely able to move for a couple of days. Then, as I got older, I inherited the family back problems, but I choose to see my San Diego chiropractor to keep it from getting me down.

I have not had any weeks where I am out of commission for a few days because of my back since I have been seeing the chiropractor. My initial therapy was a few weeks of regular visits. And contrary to how you might think you would treat my back, stretching and exercises were recommended. They were just taught to me the right way. I was able to increase the strength of back muscles that were allowing the misalignment to happen. When I do get the beginnings of that familiar kink in my back, I go to my San Diego chiropractor for an adjustment.

I notice that I will start to have trouble again within a few weeks of stopping my exercises. The exercises I do for my back slowly build strength and they work to maintain your range of motion and not allow you to lose muscles you have gained. They are easy to do, but even I slack doing them at times. When I stick to my exercise routine, my back feels so much better. I can do all the gardening I want and even play tennis and golf without causing myself injury that has me on the couch like dad used get.