I Had a Serious Accident

The guy that hit me was drunk of course. I had a bunch of extra stuff to do at work that day, so I dragged my butt out of the bed really early, around six in the morning. I did not waste any time and I was almost at the shop about ten minutes after that when the other guy hit me. I did not really have a good recollection of what happened right after that. I woke up as they were pulling me out of the car, my face was all messed up. This website is the skin doctor who tried to clean things up after I got done with the initial operations. There were lots of them, over half a dozen surgeries. They fixed things up, but they did not make my face look the way that it had to start out. The differences were subtle, but they were definitely noticeable. I was not happy and none of the doctors were either.

Of course I was really mad about the drunk driver, who had apparently gotten out of the car and ran away. They have a really good idea of who it is, assuming that he was the owner of the car. So far they have not really decided to press charges. He is claiming that someone must have stolen his car, although the police told me that he was not really walking like he was not injured. At any rate that does me no good really, the guy messed me up, but it does not help me if he goes to jail or not. It is hard to believe that I could have gotten knocked out and injured so badly, but he had been able to get away and then report his car stolen almost at once.